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Treetops Nursery features two main rooms plus several additional specialist areas:

Baby Room (6 months – 2 years):

The youngest members of the nursery have their own specially designed area; a bright but tranquil room that’s welcoming and helps them settle in well during their earliest stages of development. It is extremely well-equipped with a huge number of high quality toys and a play area. It represents a multi-sensory environment where they can explore, learn through play, have fun and be stimulated during their most formative years.

There is at least one member of staff for every three children in this age group. This helps close relationships to form and the many learning opportunities to be maximised. Each child is also allocated a key worker who monitors the child’s progress and development on a continual basis. A record is maintained by the key worker and parents are invited to view the file at any time, to keep fully abreast of their child’s progress.

Pre-School Room (2-5 years):

The pre-school room is where we carefully prepare children aged 2-5 for school during their last few years at nursery. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage (‘EYFS’) framework as a basis for their curriculum, along with structured play and free play sessions.

Children have fun and learn through art and craft activities, music, dance, water and sand activities, IT, role-playing (we have an area for that) and, of course, reading.

During their transition with us, their literacy and numeracy skills will improve and they will gradually become more independent. They will have ample physical education opportunities, they will develop their social skills and improve their self-esteem in preparation for school.

Sensory Room:

Babies and children start to develop their core sensory motor skills during their earliest years of development. In light of this, Treetops Nursery has its own Sensory Room. It is a tranquil, quiet space that is specially designed and includes specialist features. These include soft, relaxing areas and stimulating, interactive equipment. These help to bring out children’s physical and sensory skills during what are their most formative years.

As well as being fun and enjoyable, our multi-sensory room benefits very young children in the following ways:

  • It helps them improve their communication skills;
  • It will encourage development of their sensory skills;
  • It will help children to improve hand-eye coordination and hone their responses to cause and effect;
  • It helps them to develop their social and emotional skills;
  • It relaxes children, calming them and helping to reduce tension;
  • It can enhance concentration & overall levels of alertness and awareness.

Outside Play Area:

At Treetops Nursery, children benefit from a stimulating, purpose-built outdoor area. This has been carefully designed and equipped to provide a wide range of enhanced learning opportunities for the children. In this exciting area, children are able to explore and to learn about the world and the environment around them.  Through play, they also develop their physical motor skills in a natural way.

Movement Play Room:

The importance of children’s physical development and coordination cannot be over-emphasised. So, at Treetops Nursery, children engage in activities that help develop fine and gross motor skills with the help of stimulating resources. These are all available in our own ‘free movement’ room.

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