• Healthy eating at the nursery

Healthy eating.

We are strong advocates of a healthy eating regime and deliver high quality food to children attending the nursery. Our own chef prepares the meals in-house at the setting, using only the highest quality, fresh ingredients. All special dietary needs are catered for at the nursery, including vegetarian options etc.

Children attending all day will receive three high quality meals, snacks both mid-morning and mid-afternoon, plus drinking water whenever they wish. All food and drink is included within our fees.

Take a look at an example of a typical weekly menu, below.

BreakfastLunch Tea Snacks
MondayToast, cereals, milk and fruitVegetable stew with couscous. Cake & custard / fresh fruit
Baked potato with cheeseFresh fruit / vegetables
TuesdayToast, cereals, milk and fruitPasta with mushrooms and courgettes. Yogurt / fresh fruit
Tomato and spinach PizzaFresh fruit / vegetables
WednesdayToast, cereals, milk and fruitCauliflower Cheese with mashed potato. Semolina pudding / fresh fruit
Beans on toastFresh fruit / vegetables
ThursdayToast, cereals, milk and fruitChicken casserole with green beans. Fresh fruit
Winter vegetable soupFresh fruit / vegetables
FridayToast, cereals, milk and fruitFisherman’s pie and sweet corn. Stewed Apple
Cheese sandwichesFresh fruit / vegetables

  • Healthy eating at the nursery
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