• The Curriculum at Treetops Nursery, Willesden NW10

Our Curriculum

Children at Treetops Nursery primarily learn through play. This is a very natural approach to early years education and one that the children wholeheartedly enjoy. After all, children love playing, so it’s a completely frictionless learning approach.

Importantly, however, our curriculum is based around a structured framework. At its core is the ‘EYFS’ (Early Years Foundation Stage), a Government-prescribed framework, which covers learning, development and care of babies and children up the age of 5.

The EYFS curriculum concentrates on seven key areas of learning and development:

  1. Communication & Language:
    At Treetops Nursery, children are encouraged to speak, listen and express themselves in a variety of different situations. Our language-rich environment builds self-confidence and enhances language skills.
  2. Physical Development:
    At Treetops, we encourage children to be active and interactive and to grasp the importance of physical activity. This approach develops coordination and improves movement, body control, fine/gross motor skills and balance. Healthy eating is also encouraged.
  3. Personal, Social & Emotional Development:
    At Treetops, children are encouraged to develop their social skills, to build a positive sense of self and their own abilities, to build relationships with, and respect for, others around them, to manage feelings and to recognise appropriate behaviours within their groups.
  4. Literacy:
    At Treetops, we will help children start to read and write through helping them connect sounds with letters of the alphabet and inspiring their interest through a variety of engaging reading materials.
  5. Mathematics:
    At Treetops Nursery we help children to become more proficient with numeracy. This includes simple addition and subtraction exercises, counting, measuring and comprehension of simple maths found in shapes and spaces.
  6. Understanding the World:
    At Treetops we help children to explore, observe and make sense of the world, environment, technology and people around them.
  7. Expressive Arts & Design:
    At Treetops Nursery children are given the opportunity to play and explore various activities around art, design, music, dance, role-play, movement and technology. This includes access to a wide variety of media and materials and being encouraged to express ideas, thoughts and feelings.

A ‘key person’ assigned to each child will ensure that the child’s learning journey is monitored and documented and that learning and care is tailored to their individual needs. This helps the child feel reassured and safe as well as helping parents to continue guiding the child’s development along the same path when at home. The learning journal is available for parents to view or contribute to at any time. Treetops also holds two parent’s evenings each year and these are another opportunity for nursery staff and parents to discuss progress.

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